Avsec Consulting was established by Susie Møller Frederiksen, who has many years of experience in the aviation security industry. In the past, she has worked as a senior executive advisor for the Danish Transport Agency, where she was responsible for security regulations. She has also worked as a national security inspector and as an EU inspector and therefore has extensive knowledge of how regulations should be interpreted and implemented in all companies covered by the regulations. In addition, she was responsible for preparing the Danish Aviation Security Programme and the Danish Transport Agency’s National Training Programme.

The aviation industry is an attractive target for terrorists and terror groups who wish to make headlines in the media. There is therefore a growing need for skills and knowledge of security at all levels and among all operators and suppliers working with the aviation industry. Concurrently with this development, there is a growing demand for companies to introduce security measures, and the types of companies required to introduce such measures are likewise increasing – including companies that were not previously subject to security requirements.

Today, the security requirements apply to airports, airline companies, regulated agents, catering companies, regulated suppliers of inflight supplies and companies forwarding goods by air, as well as companies supplying goods to airports and airline companies.

To many small and medium-sized companies, all these security regulations can appear overwhelming and complex. In addition, they also facing requirements of training employees involved in security measures.

Avsec Consulting ApS has considerable expertise in this area and can professionally assist companies with the implementation of adequate security measures, including

Besides Susie Møller Frederiksen, Avsec Consulting further employs 2 other EU Security Validators.