Avsec Consulting ApS can help you and your company to comply with the security requirements when you runs an aviation business (airport/airline company), transport air cargo or send cargo by air, or delivers supplies to an airport or catering company.

Avsec Consulting can help with the following:

  • Assistance in obtaining security approval from the authorities – e.g. as a regulated agent, regulated supplier of inflight supplies or a known consignor,
  • Validate your company – allowing you to become a known supplier of either supplies to an airport or to a catering company /airline company
  • Drafting security programmes – either fully or partially,
  • Training of security managers, deputies, supervisors and staff, including recurrent training,
  • Advices regarding legislation / requirements from the authorities to implement security measures / advices regarding the consequences of new legislation / participating in projects regarding the purchase of new equipment, construction of new buildings etc. / regarding quality control and quality assurance


Avsec Consulting has a total of 3 EU Security Validators, all approved by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Agency to validate companies that want to be approved as known suppliers of in-flight supplies or supplies to airports.



Avsec Consulting can help writing security programmes and ensuring that all requirements of the National Security Program (NASP) are met and procedures are identified and described. Including helping drafting of instructions to employees.



Avsec Consulting offers security training in all the various modules described in EU Regulation 1998/2015, section 11 and NASP, Annex 13, ie. training for managers, supervisors and employees. The course is taught by certified and qualified instructors.