Advice/ validation /preparation of notes, security programmes / quality control/project participation, etc. per hour DKK 1,200 + VAT


The price depends on whether the training takes place at your own premises or at a course facility, and the price also depends on the number of participants.


One-day course at your premises with max. 4 participants DKK 2,200 + VAT per participant (+ DKK 500 per participant over 4 persons)
Half-day course at your premises with min. 5 participants DKK 1,500 + VAT per participant (the price per participant will be reduced when the number of participants exceeds 7 persons)

All prices may be added costs of travel (of more than 1 hour) and accommodation.

Basic Training, ref. NASP, App. 13.1 – 2 days:

Course will be held externally and incl. catering both days DKK 4.595 + VAT