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Avsec Consulting can offer training in all the various modules described in Regulation (EU) 1998/2015, section 11 and NASP, Attachment 13, i.e. staff training at

·         Airports

·         Airline companies

·         Regulated Agents

·         Known Consignors

·         Hauliers

·         Catering companies

·         Known suppliers to airports

·         Known suppliers to catering companies/airline companies

We offer training to all companies covered by the NASP regulations, including training in general knowledge about previous acts of unlawful acts/acts of terrorism, knowledge about legal requirements, the purpose of the requirements and especially the theoretical requirements to different training modules for known consignors, hauliers, known suppliers and airline companies.

Avsec Consulting can also, subject to agreement, offer to carry out training in parts of or entire modules that involve practical training , e.g. the screening of passengers, luggage, cargo, supplies to the aircraft/supplies to the airport, vehicle inspections and access control. The practical training can be carried out jointly with the certified instructors employed by the airport/regulated agent/catering company in question.


Finally, Avsec Consulting offers recurrent and maintenance training.