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Avsec Consulting offers advice in connection with the drafting of security programmes, including procedures, instructions, etc., assistance with approvals/inspections by the authorities, etc., quality control and quality assurance, including in connection with internal monitoring and test programmes.

Avsec Consulting can also help assess the consequences of new legislation, draft guidelines and provide interpretations, etc.

Avsec Consulting can also offer to participate in or manage various security-related projects such as the introduction of new equipment or the construction of new buildings, etc.

Avsec Consulting also offers advice to companies that have applied to the authorities to become known consignors or known suppliers of inflight supplies or airport supplies. This means that the companies must appoint a security manager, draft a security programme and organize their premises so that supplies to the airport or catering companies are protected in addition to training their staff in security awareness. As the companies in question often do not have the necessary insight into security regulations, Avsec Consulting can offer to help with the entire process until approval has been obtained from the Danish Transport Authority.